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Victoria Secret Fragrances Mini Review : Xo Victoria and Twisted Ivy

Hi beauty fellas
Do you prefer a light, fresh, and clean ( but sexy ) scent? If you do then you'll fall in love with my two referrences that I pick fragrance from Victoria's Secret fragrances. Let's take a look.
Victoria's Secret Xo Victoria Fragrance

When I first smell it at the first time, I just realize it's so juicy, florally, feminime but not so girly. I mean it seems shows the personality of strong and confident adult woman.

As it claims as a vibrant fragrances, the scent of a sunkissed rose described as a wild, free and effortless. Inspired by the refreshing energy of spring time, sun shining and flowers in full blow.
Its fragrance notes are victoria rose, lady apple and english ivy,

I just happens to like it because it's not so overwhelming. It's florally and fruity at the same time. It's exactly for everyday use. When you go to office or dating someone this fragrance is a good choice.

Victoria's Secret Twisted Ivy

At first glance, I thought (…

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