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Oriflame Radiant Rose Body Cologne

Hi beauty fellas,

How do you start your morning lately? I mean, after taking shower, brushing teeth, eating your breakfast, all those kind of good stuffs, are you still eagerly spraying or splashing your favorite cologne on your body? If the answer yes, then we are in the same book.
Speaking of body cologne, I want to introduce you with one of my newest favorite cologne? It's Radiant Rose body cologne from the brand we've known and loved for years, Oriflame.

Product description based on Oriflame official UK
"A delicately scented Eau de Cologne to infuse the fragrance of rose-water into your daily beauty ritual. With a light aroma and a beautiful patterned design, Radiant Rose Eau de Cologne gives you a splash of joyful freshness."
This cologne comes in gigantic bottle ( 400ml ) of course, it can save you more money because it can last for months. The quality and the quantity meet our budget.

Still from the same website, it says,
"Oliver Cresp and Christiane Plos …

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